Sétubal, 13th Municipality more attractive in Portugal

Overall assessment – 13º no place ranking nacional
Affairs – 14Th place // Tourism – 24Th place // Live – 13Th place

According to a study of Bloom Consulting, which evaluates and ranks the effectiveness of 308 Portuguese municipalities based on the attractiveness in the areas of investment, tourism and quality of life, puts Setubal in 13th position at national level.

The “City Portugal Brand Ranking”, first held by Bloom Consulting, a consulting firm that analyzes annually more than 220 countries around the world, aims to map and understand the demand of each investor, tourist and citizen taking into account the attractiveness of a determined Portuguese municipality.

Setúbal appears in the 13th place in National Top 25, with Lisbon, in the first place and Castelo Branco in the 25th position. The study prepared on the basis of statistical data on the economy, tourism and demography, collected from the National Statistical Institute, the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities and Pordata portal, allows, based on the performance and effectiveness of the strategy in attracting investors, tourists and new residents, assess the “brand” (“branding”) of each municipality.

The methodology of “Bloom Consulting Portugal City Brand Ranking” is based on six dimensions, although the study now published focusing only three – Business (Investment), Visit (Tourism) and Living (Talent) dimensions, – those who are closer to the reality of 308 Portuguese municipalities. Other indicators within the three goals are the ratios of companies and overnights per capita and the number of inhabitants per healthcare centers and higher education institutions per 10 thousand inhabitants.

Positioned in the 13th place among the 308 municipalities, Setubal places in the 14th position with regard to the Area of Business, in 24th to Visit, and to live in the 13th position. On regional analysis, Setubal is in 5th place among the 18 municipalities of “Lisbon”, finishing third in Business (Management), 7th in the Visit (tourism) and 5th for Living (Talent).