• Take advantage of the growing real estate market driven by:
  • International investment.
  • Investment for income (short or long term).
  • Change in family or professional situation;
  • Financing again accessible;

There are several reasons to buy, sell or rent a house. And in most cases, there is an intermediary to promote and facilitate the process! That intermediary could be you …

Being a Real Estate Agent

The activity of real estate agent consists of:

  • Prospect a local market in order to raise properties;
  • Promote the disclosure of properties;
  • Make visits with potential stakeholders;
  • Promote the achievement of business;

It is a passionate activity that you can exercise at your own pace, with high potential returns.

Be a Manager

If you have a leadership spirit, you can become a Manager and create a sales team that will guarantee you a regular income. The Manager’s activity consists of:

  • Present the real estate business to potential candidates;
  • Guide the new consultant at the beginning of his activity;
  • Encourage the consultant to achieve his objectives;

What are the 3 pillars of our Marketing that help you sell more

  • High quality graphic material: to promote your activity to your target audience;
  • Digital marketing: explored in its various aspects to attract investors at national and international level;
  • Events: develop events locally and create a strong community.

With these means, you will create a list of potential customers, locally and globally, that will allow you to achieve your sales goals.

What are you gone benefit more from working with us

You will benefit from a support system that allows you to optimize your work !

  • Our method is simple and effective. We believe that smart work pays more than hard work. The method will be transmitted to you through regular training.
  • A management team ensures the smooth functioning of the entire system. You will always have an interlocutor at your disposal to answer your questions. Therefore with our method you have your own business but you are not alone.
  • Freedom ! Our system allows you to combine the best of both worlds: high performance and total freedom of hours. You will thus have the time and money to dedicate yourself to what is most important to you.
  • Rentability ! Our system allows you to obtain the maximum return with the minimum personal or financial effort. You can earn high earnings as a Consultant or regular earnings as a Manager. As an independent entrepreneur, you work at your own pace and set your own goals.